Emerging Writers' Festival - Two Wit and 8-Bit


As part of the Emerging Writers' Festival this year I'll be performing/presenting in two events - both of which funnily enough rhyme. 

23 June
More than just a good belly laugh, satire can often be a tool or a weapon that cuts straight to the heart of contemporary issues. Ironic, sarcastic, ridiculous and always critically engaged, hear from two emerging satirical writers about the craft of popular parody. 

I'll be speaking with Shirley Le, writer from Sydney's Sweatshop.

26 June
Remember the sound of dial-up? The click of a joystick? MSN messenger and Myspace are gone, and your NeoPets have gone to a better place. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace these days, there’s hardly a moment to stop and collect every coin. A night of retro-nostalgia with multidisciplinary performances paying homage to our favourite obsolete technologies, gadgets and games of eras gone by.

With Calvin Fung, Fury, Nathania Gilson and Tegan Webb. Hosted by Jini Maxwell

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FRESH! to premiere at Melbourne's Series Mania 2018


It's been a long time coming!

FRESH! is finally completed and will premiere at the Melbourne leg of Series Mania between 19-22 July 2018. The festival is presented by Film Victoria and ACMI, Read more.

Tickets are free and will be available through ACMI's website

FRESH! will also launch publicly online in July as well. Stay tuned for more info!

Malthouse Theatre - Besen Family Writers' Development Program

To round off a big year in 2017, I joined three amazing ladies - Ra Chapman, Jess Knight and Kit Lazaroo for a series of playwriting workshops as part of the Malthouse Theatre’s Besen Family Writers’ development program. The workshops were lead by dramaturg Mark Pritchard and resident artist Declan Greene.

Over a five-week period, we examined the role of form, action, structure, character and dialogue in playwriting through reading and discussing existing plays and other writings of theatremakers on the craft of dramatic storytelling. It was enjoyable to engage with theatre in a way that allowed us to see the possibilities and the diversity of work that the art form could produce, rather than laying out a roadmap for what makes “good playwriting.”

The workshops have introduced me to wild and wonderful plays and playwrights and have inspired me to think more about the interplay between poetry and dialogue; between realism and absurdity; and how writing for stage and screen have their similarities yet are also vastly different. Looking forward to 2018!

...On Monday nights, a cluster of playwrights have been gathering around a table each week with our dramaturgical team to share ideas around craft. A component of the Besen Family Artist Program, the Besen Writers group is about building pathways for playwrights to connect with the mainstage. Over five weeks we've been reading scripts, theories, manifestos and provocations, as well as writing our own micro-plays that break all the rules around what we think makes up a good play. From all of the reading, watching and chatting with writers that we do all year, wehand pick four writers whose voices we're excited about to join us around the table.

This year's group was Ra Chapman, Jessica Knight, Kit Lazaroo & Nikki Tran — a fabulous mix of wild imagination and seriously talented writing across a range of mediums. These are four writers to watch!

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