VCA 2013 Graduate Screenings


The VCA film and television graduate screening trailer!

You can see a flash of In Dust and Ashes at 0:18!

Been working hard all year, but due to an unfortunate breakdown of communication with the ‘rents about holiday flights and dates, will be whisked away during the screening season. Tears. (First world problems, amiright?)

On the other hand, permit me to do a little bit of gloating for I am a Producer of the Year nominee!! Chuffed.

Wander down to ACMI between 13-15th of Dec to see a bunch of really diverse and interesting shorts!

In Dust and Ashes


I haven't been diligently posting updates and my usual rants because we're at the scary end of pre-production for this short film!

A film about fire, family and reconnection. Although living together under the one roof, Michael and his father Anton, barely get along. But on a particularly confronting day at work as a fire fighter, Michael is hit by the reality of death and loneliness and begins to fear he’s missed the chance to make amends...

We're two weeks out from shoot and freaking out!! To follow updates visit our facebook page.

Our Pozible campaign is launching soon, we're hoping to get a little support to help make the film. Things like hiring the fire engine, sourcing props and set dressing all need lotsa $$$. Not to mention we want to burn a house in one of the shots as well and still having difficulties on the exact way to go about it, but a weight has lifted off my shoulders now that we have our production designer Ben Bangay onboard. 

I've hit so many dead ends trying to find a production designer willing to take on this film because it is really demanding for the budget we have. So when I received an email in my inbox one day that a designer was interested in the film, I almost fell out of my seat. When we finally met with Ben to talk about the film, he was lovely and had amazing ideas that only his experience in the industry could have given us. He is the best. 

Shelley will be helping out on the film as well! Film BFFs forever.

Anyway. Back to my phone calls.