And finally it's online!! I did like the original longer cut better with the two extra scenes and a bit of a reorder to how the story progresses. But alas everyone disagrees and says it's too long. Even Vimeo. Pffft. Whatever.

So I'm uploading the other scenes separately. Once I get my weekly upload limit back.

I had the best time on this film. Amazing writing, great acting, directing, production design, best cast and crew. Would love to make another film with everyone again. 

As you can see my colour grading skills aren't the best. And this is also the shoot where I learnt that just because you can hold a DSLR still with your elbows rested on the table, doesn't mean you are a human tripod. Always use support. Hence the earthquake shaky cam in the shrink's office. We were tight on time towards the end of the shoot during the gallery scene, which was heartbreaking because the scene could have turned out so much more fluent than it is. 

And had our actress more time to spare for us, Roland's original idea for the script was to subtly place her as a background character throughout earlier scenes, so when it came to the reveal that his insomnia is because of this woman it's not abrupt and too cliched. Oh well. What ifs and if onlys. 

Did I just give away the ending? Oooops.