Emerging Writers' Festival - Two Wit and 8-Bit


As part of the Emerging Writers' Festival this year I'll be performing/presenting in two events - both of which funnily enough rhyme. 

23 June
More than just a good belly laugh, satire can often be a tool or a weapon that cuts straight to the heart of contemporary issues. Ironic, sarcastic, ridiculous and always critically engaged, hear from two emerging satirical writers about the craft of popular parody. 

I'll be speaking with Shirley Le, writer from Sydney's Sweatshop.

26 June
Remember the sound of dial-up? The click of a joystick? MSN messenger and Myspace are gone, and your NeoPets have gone to a better place. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace these days, there’s hardly a moment to stop and collect every coin. A night of retro-nostalgia with multidisciplinary performances paying homage to our favourite obsolete technologies, gadgets and games of eras gone by.

With Calvin Fung, Fury, Nathania Gilson and Tegan Webb. Hosted by Jini Maxwell

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