Love & Tolerance finished!

After months of table slamming and whining and cutlery clanking, Love & Tolerance has finally crossed the finished line! Pats on back.

Wooly and I had a great time editing - it definitely helped that the coverage was simple. Whether people have a great time watching the film remains to be seen  - we're now spitting it out to heaps of festivals.

Here's the poster to celebrate:


Paul and Pauline were two amazing actors I met while working with Rohan and Gerlee at Adventures in Genre. Would love work with them again anytime. Same goes with the rest of the crew too.

Sound turned out to be one of the most crucial elements in selling the story in post. The mix of music and food and cutlery foley were things that became almost as intricate as dialogue. We owe it all to our patient sound team for getting that right.

In other news, I haven't completely disappeared from the face of the planet over the last months - been toiling for that $$$ but also working on a few new ideas and scripts.